• Fire Door Safety Week 24th – 30th September 2018

  • Pledge your support to improve fire door safety

    Today marks the start of Fire Door Safety Week, running from 24th to 30th of September.  An event which addresses some important fire safety issues that most people wouldn’t even know existed, that’s why we at, Baltimore FM feel it is essential to support.

    The purpose of Fire Door Safety Week which is now in its sixth year, is to raise awareness of the importance of fire doors as a key element in protecting buildings, and their occupants, from the dangers of fire and to encourage everyone to keep a look out for fire doors that might be putting lives at risk.

    We can sometimes take the subject of fire safety in our workplaces for granted and it’s not until something bad happens that we start to question why?  Just think, every workplace will require some fire doors and how many times have you seen a fire door propped open to let in air on a hot day or to create more open space.  So, when you’re next at the leisure centre, theatre, museum or even at work take a good look at the fire doors whilst you’re walking around – they can usually be identified by a blue circular badge stating, ‘Fire Door, Keep Shut’.

    Tips on how to check fire doors are correctly fitted

    Listed below are some tips on what to look out for and there is plenty more fire door safety advice on the Fire Door Safety Week website and Twitter feeds. @FDSafetyWeek  #FireDoorSafetyWeek

    Five things that you might find which make a fire door unfit for purpose:

    1. Shut that door: Doors that don’t close properly – they can’t keep the fire out if they don’t shut!
    2. Mind the gap: Doors that have a gap between them when they close – this won’t stop the passage of smoke.
    3. Be mindful of maintenance: Fire doors will need maintaining to ensure that they stay safe and up to scratch – look out for excessive wear and tear.
    4. Strange sounds: If the fire doors are making odd noises when they open and close, this may well be a sign that they are not fitted properly and won’t protect you if the worst happens.
    5. Suspect hinges and screws: If you’ve got an eye for detail then you might spot poorly fitted hinges or even screws that are missing. Although small, they’re a vital component for a fire door.

    No-one can afford to cut corners with fire doors.  To find out more log on to www.firedoorsafteyweek.co.uk and you’ll find lots of information, events to attend and a downloadable toolkit, if you want to get involved.


    Baltimore FM can carry out fire door surveys, we can also conduct fire risk assessments, remedial actions or new installs – contact us today on 0203 714 2025