• Cleaning & Environmental

  • Cleaning & Environmental

    Contract Cleaning

    We operate contract cleaning hours when it suits you and have extensive experience across a number of sectors including; retail, corporate, hospitality and local authority. For contract cleaning, price is not the only factor that should be considered. Companies should ensure that their contract cleaners are reliable, flexible and work to a consistently high standard. We have implemented a set of strict company policies and procedures to ensure we deliver a high standard of work across the Group at all times, while maintaining competitive prices.

    Pest Control

    Our teams specialise in the prevention and control of infestation and pests, in and around your building. It is essential that infestation problems are dealt with quickly and effectively to ensure they are kept under control. We will undertake regular inspection visits to ensure your pest control is functional and effective and will be on call for any nuisance occurrences that may happen.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Our professional carpet cleaning system allows deep cleaning and deodorising of carpets all in one process. With our specialist system your carpets are guaranteed not to stretch, shrink or split any seams, also allowing most carpets to be dry within just 30 minutes.

    High Reach Cleaning

    Our team are experienced in cleaning at heights and in cases where high level access is needed we are equipped with lifting equipment and an advanced pole reach system. From exterior cladding to high reach window cleaning we have the equipment to ensure effective cleaning at any height.

    Window Cleaning

    Whatever the size or shape of your building, we cover internal and external glass with our high reach and wash system.

    Fire & Flood Restoration

    After catastrophic events such as fire and floods, dealing with the aftermath can be very distressing. Our cleaning team work to get properties back to their original state and can offer refurbishment services if necessary.

     The cleaning services we provide include;

    • Window Cleaning

    • High Reach Cleaning

    • Contract Cleaning

    • Deep Kitchen Cleaning

    • High Pressure Cleaning

    • Housekeeping

    • Computer Equipment Hygiene

    • Graffiti Removal

    • Fire and Flood Restoration

    • Builders Cleans

    • Carpet & Upholstery

    • Waste Management

    • Residential Cleans such as; Landlord and end of tenancy cleans

    • Janitorial Supplies & Washroom Services