• Security Services

  • Security Services

    Our team provide 24-hour coverage nationwide and we will work with you to identify the security needs your site requires.

    We keep on top of industry developments and advances, guaranteeing that we always install the most up-to-date security solutions available ranging from:

    • CCTV Surveillance/Monitoring
    • Intruder Detection Systems
    • Access Control Systems
    • Alarm Monitoring
  • CCTV

    Not only will we discuss your security needs, we will also look at what you want from your CCTV system and evaluate impacting
    factors such as; environment, location and lighting.

    Whether it is a simple system with one or two cameras or a fully integrated, digital system with Internet Protocol, Wi-Fi and cloud storage,every system is made to measure.

    Whilst standalone cameras can offer basic surveillance, IP cameras offer high definition and better resolutions.

    Systems can be monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre, and images can be viewed anywhere in the world online via IP, either of live real-time streaming or of recorded video from an IP DVR.

    Video data can also be recorded and stored onto ‘the cloud’ and can be accessed remotely with an online connection.

    Access Control Systems

    Monitoring and controlling peoples access to your premises is another effective security tool used to prevent unwanted visitors in your property. Access control systems allow you to manage building entry or exit points through nominated doors via a central control panel.

    Our experienced system designers will look at various factors of your business to ensure you are getting the level of security you require through access control.

    We will look at the number of entry/exit points, use of the building, movement of staff, disabled access, turnover of employees and other systems you may wish to integrate. These factors are used to ensure your access control system is right for you, making it easy for those with access to manoeuvre around the building easily, whilst keeping those without access out.

    Systems are managed through a control panel and an electrical locking facility but can also be controlled remotely either by yourself or our security team. Access control systems are not always as simple as controlling entry and exit to a building, they can also be complex enough to control the internal boundaries to which people can and can’t access.

    High level complex systems can also act as a valuable management tool by incorporating integrated functions such as; attendance and payroll systems, car park management and even vending machines. On top of this, access control can provide valuable data,allowing you to measure who accessed areas of your building, when and where.

    Intruder Detection Systems

    All intruder alarm systems are installed to the latest British and European Standards by our fully qualified and experienced technicians. It is becoming increasingly common for insurance companies to insist that both occupied and vacant premises are protected by intruder alarms.

    We aim to assist you in both compliance and protection of your property.

    We comply with the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Codes of Practice for the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring of our intruder detection systems.

    With our technical expertise and comprehensive product range we are confident that we can meet your specific needs and