• Cleanliness Vs Productivity – Is there a connection?

  • A recent study at the Earlham University by the Centre for Facilities Research (CFaR) at APPA co-sponsored by ISSA found that an absence of cleanliness becomes an interference while orderly cleanliness creates exceptional learning and working environments. 

    While the conclusion of the study may not relate directly to the types of commercial facilities we clean and maintain, the findings are eye-opening and should encourage all facilities and workplace managers to consider the link between cleanliness and productivity.  

    It has been proven that a clean and sanitised office can maximise productivity because a clean office environment means employees are less likely to be distracted by cluttered objects and absenteeism is minimised. A cluttered and messy desk can lead to employees trying to focus on too many things at once which can lower their stress threshold and level of hygiene. A dirty working environment could contribute to staff falling ill which leads to increased sick leave. A clean and organised space can cut down absenteeism of which 9 working days are typically lost due to sickness each year. 

    Maximising productivity by minimising bacteria. 

    Minimising bacteria starts with keeping your desk tidy and clean. It can be something as simple as wiping down your keyboard and other desk equipment such as; mouse, mobile phones or desk handsets with an anti-bacterial wipe. There can be at least 8,000 types of bacteria on your keyboard including viruses like flu, which can linger on your desk and screen for 24hours or more at a time. Companies can also invest in sensory taps, soap dispensers, hygienically designed hand dryers and can distribute anti-bacterial hand gel to encourage better hygiene. 

    With employees spending an average of up to 42 hours a week in the workplace, productivity is more important than ever before. There is a clear link between the cleanliness of the workplace and the output of workers to consider, so investing in improved cleaning regimes, will contribute to overall company performance.  

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